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Where does your energy come from?

Do you find that you are more energized after a night out with your friends, or does a night out with your friends give you a feeling of needing to regroup by some alone time? The key indicators for your energy look at the way you deal in social situations.

  • prefers large groups of people, with a wide variety of friends
  • Act first, and then think.
  • distracted easily, without as much concentration on a single task
  • very talkative and outgoing.
  • as a host/hostess, always the center of the party.
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  • prefers small intimate gatherings of close friends
  • Think first, then act.
  • focus well, but not as much concentration on the big picture.
  • good listener and more private.
  • as a host/hostess, always behind the scenes making sure things run smoothly.
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What is your attention focused on?

Information is all around us, and the way we take it in shows our outlook in life.

  • conceptual and association-based learning.
  • imaginative, with broad ideas of a project.
  • looking towards the future.
  • enjoys the changes in relationships and tasks.
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  • observation and facts-oriented learning.
  • practical, with a view of each step.
  • eyes on the present.
  • likes predictable relationships and tasks.
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How do you make decisions?

Your temperment is based on the way you process the information and make decisions. This particularly shows in where your values lay - in keeping the peace or following truths.

  • thinks through the decision.
  • works better with a list of pros and cons.
  • critical by nature.
  • more truthful than tactful
This option fits me best
  • decide with feelings.
  • thinks through a decision based on how it effects people.
  • people pleaser.
  • more tactful than truthful.
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What environment do you feel most comfortable in?

As you go through your life, do you see yourself being easygoing, making adjustments for changes? Or do you see yourself being organized, and enjoying consistancy to make decisions in?

  • likes dependable situations.
  • plans everything, with a to do list in hand.
  • enjoys completing projects.
  • feels stressed by lack of planning and abrupt changes.
  • more likely to complete a goal.
  • "all play and no work doesn't finish the project."
This option fits me best
  • likes flexible situations.
  • waits until multiple ideas come up, and picks what to do on the fly.
  • enjoys starting projects.
  • feels closed in by specific plans, and looks forward to changes.
  • more likely to see an opportunity.
  • "all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl."
This option fits me best

Click the submit button and you'll be taken to a page which describes this personality type. If you don't think the results fit you, come back and reread the options.

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