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Where it all begin... by Kristine

For a long time, I have been fascinated by the MBTI personality types. They are the most accurate and descriptive of any of the tests I have taken. I've often wondered if its just certain personality types that are fascinated with this, and so as a little test, I had the idea to set up this site. Some of the links and info has been on my desktop for probably 6 months before I finally have put it together, and so its amazing that almost all the content and layout was done in one afternoon! Just shows you what an ISTJ can do when motivated.

The results of the modified test here are only meant for fun, and you should take the real test to confirm the findings here. All of the questions are written from my knowledge on the subjects, and only the labels (ISTJ, etc.) and links are actual MBTI information. I mean no copyright infridgment on any of the sites listed on this site.

Disclaimer: The analysis of your personality type as a weblogger was written after reading many different texts. If an implication doesn't match the personality type, please let me know, and I'll reevaluate my analysis! Because I look at things as an ISTJ, my impartial view isn't always as impartial as it could be!

Actual site info: The site was handcoded, and the design is heavily MT-generated and PHP-built. Eric Beeson wrote the script for the quiz. Graphics are all © to and Kristine Beeson.

As of 09.22.16, there are 4249 visitors who know their bloginality!

09.26.11: Coretta Bolinger is a estj
there are now 63 ESTJs!
07.17.11: hmwith is a enfp
there are now 379 ENFPs!
06.30.11: carmelo is a intj
there are now 530 INTJs!
06.19.11: Prienrynown is a isfp
there are now 269 ISFPs!
04.24.11: Raydorsey is a intp
there are now 497 INTPs!
01.15.11: Ashlie is a entp
there are now 332 ENTPs!
01.05.11: blogging is a istj
there are now 216 ISTJs!
12.30.10: Jazz Lassie is a infp
there are now 822 INFPs!
12.09.10: Niki_Ashley is a esfp
there are now 108 ESFPs!
11.08.10: Adelissa is a esfj
there are now 68 ESFJs!
10.31.10: corie is a estp
there are now 61 ESTPs!
05.16.10: RM is a istp
there are now 204 ISTPs!
03.21.10: cschive is a entj
there are now 108 ENTJs!
03.05.10: Emily Jane is a isfj
there are now 166 ISFJs!
02.22.10: Dtanyon is a enfj
there are now 100 ENFJs!
09.09.08: Bethany is a infj
there are now 326 INFJs!

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