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As an ENTJ, you are Extraverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging.
This makes your primary focus on Extraverted Thinking with an Introverted Intution.

This is defined as a NT personality, which is part of Carl Jung's Rational (Knowledge Seeking) type, and more specifically the Field Marshal or Executive.

Because of your take-charge tendancies, you might be likely to organize a group weblog. You get along best with people who see things the same way as you, and so some of your favorite blogs to read may be people with a Thinking part to their personality type. You are very dynamic, and may intimidate people with a less enthused spirit.

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I enjoy working on group projects.
sassafrass on June 5, 2002 06:59 AM
i am absolutely extroverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging. i have been an entj forever ;)
shawn on June 5, 2002 08:59 AM
I'm forever making lists and trying to take charge of the situation.
Danielle on June 5, 2002 11:10 AM
All spot on, except for the group weblog thing. I'm too damn selfish for that... ;o)
Manic on June 7, 2002 07:39 AM
all spot-on - including the group weblog thing. amazing, isn't it?
deb on June 11, 2002 09:32 AM
I'd say this was a 90% match. Impressive for just 4 questions! The result also tallies with similar ratings I had from my Psychology studying days. I'd only debate the "very dynamic" bit. I can be but I can be darn lazy too :o).
Owen on June 14, 2002 07:30 PM
what was that? oh wait, i've already moved on to the next page (my tendency to skip ahead is why i'm such a giant N)...
april on July 3, 2002 11:34 AM
it is me... always has been... and best thing? Its also David Letterman! LOL...
vikki on July 4, 2002 12:22 AM
I am an ENTJ! :-)
Paige on August 1, 2002 05:25 PM
everything fits me, only i never started a weblog because i wasn't interested enough... but a group weblog is something else ... /me starts thinking
kibbie on September 10, 2002 04:52 AM
I'm an ENTJ! Always the leader, detail-oriented, and with little patience for mistakes. I've got charisma in spades (and don't mind saying so), but some people think I'm too intense. Too bad for them, but I love me just the way I am.
mimme on September 17, 2002 06:57 PM
Digger on September 23, 2002 06:01 PM
sara on September 23, 2002 11:24 PM
I've taken some Myers-Briggs type tests before. I ususally score ENTJ, but sometimes ENFJ...I guess that means I feel bad about being critical. lol
Jim on November 9, 2002 12:13 PM
so...are most bloggers of one particulair type ? I would love to see some stats ! B@@ - ENTJ
B@@ on November 25, 2002 02:28 PM
It just depends on my mood. I range from NTs to NFs.. Just depends on the day..
Alex on December 5, 2002 04:32 AM
aggregate stats would be nice. also, i wonder if the 4 questions would be as accurate for people who haven't already done this kind of typing before.
Liz on December 8, 2002 05:04 AM
I'm borderline E/I, so this is a good fit.
karen on December 23, 2002 02:50 PM
Wow.. right on.. i think this may be one of the most accurate online tests i've taken :)
Chrystal on December 30, 2002 06:47 PM
Yep, right on...great job with four questions. I think that you have to match the middle two letters with someone in order to have a good friendship...the outer letters seem to be more flexible and less important. Thoughts?
TsuKata on January 17, 2003 12:08 PM
I am ENTJ...
Jessica on March 7, 2003 07:16 PM
I think before I act, and expect others to do the same. I cannot stand irrational people.
Rachel on March 9, 2003 01:38 PM
quiet and quick mostly, a clever bunch they are....almx
AndrewL.M.Xu on March 17, 2003 11:40 AM
I'm basically a nonchalant person, I tend to show that I don't care about something when I do. I'm blunt. And sometimes too blunt that its scary.
amardon on May 3, 2003 03:23 PM
On the long M-B I generally come out an ENTJ. It's about an 80% match to how I am most of the time.
Bill on May 23, 2003 08:43 PM
I'm 18teen. I'm seeking for a friend on the net.Post me a message at my blog. Hope to seeya! BTW my bloginality is ENTJ if u would like to know.
::UMie:: on May 30, 2003 06:22 AM
This fits me to the proverbial tee! Used to be VP Operations and part owner of a multimedia production company, and now am founder & Exec Director of a VERY forward-looking international high-IQ membership association. Please, visit our web page and you'll see exactly why I'm as "Field Marshall" as it gets, rotfl! :D
spike on June 26, 2003 05:39 PM
ENTJ sums me up to a tee.
Feddie on June 28, 2003 04:37 PM
ENTJ.. Especially for a future teacher. LOL. Hide the kiddies!
Lee on July 10, 2003 09:33 AM
That's soooo me ...
gennady on July 11, 2003 11:26 AM
i can't stand incompetence. i'm really defensive about my views. in high school i always took over projects and ended up doing 99% of all the work. i just don't trust other people to come through!
ben on July 22, 2003 12:33 PM
i really geyt annoyed with peple that try to impress others and i can get impatient with softie kinda people i always achiev what i put my mind to and maintain it a way that i can keep up with and i'm a kinda person that must take charge of everything
Pheobie on August 3, 2003 07:02 AM
JETdev5 on August 15, 2003 02:11 PM
That interesting. Every time I have done this test i've always been a ENFP. Strange that I'm noe NEFJ??
sara on August 26, 2003 08:33 AM
this test creeped me out a little; it fits me so well. thanks guys, heh, for something *else* to pass my time :D
corinne on September 23, 2003 10:17 AM
this is really weird
David Juarez on October 23, 2003 10:25 AM
Yep, I'm control freaky. Took a lot of learning to step back and delegate things to other people. ;) But I'm sometimes more feeling than judging, if it's in the heat of the "moment."
muppetathena on November 2, 2003 10:02 PM
freakily true. gosh, i didn't know i was such an overbearing idiot!
ells on November 9, 2003 05:06 PM
nice, smart, and cool
DaNjTruth on November 22, 2003 03:04 PM
I am a teacher and have taken so many of these kinds of tests. You are who you are! This one is right on. I liked the part where it says that my type's enthusiasm can put others off...I can see that sometimes.
Becki on November 25, 2003 02:53 PM
I am bouncing-off-the-walls ADHD 21 year old girl, and a perfectionist to a fault. I am intolerant of mushy people, those without backbones, and willfully stupid people. I was prez of everything in HS, and now I'm my college sorority's prez... I love to be in charge! At the same time I am a people person-I keep people in line, on task, and happy. This is so right.
B on December 2, 2003 12:14 PM
I am bouncing-off-the-walls ADHD 21 year old girl, and a perfectionist to a fault. I am intolerant of mushy people, those without backbones, and willfully stupid people. I was prez of everything in HS, and now I'm my college sorority's prez... I love to be in charge! At the same time I am a people person-I keep people in line, on task, and happy. This is so right.
B on December 2, 2003 12:15 PM
Every MBTI test I have taken pens me as an entj, making me one mean sob. Don't mess with me when I'm on a mission
Dan on December 8, 2003 09:02 PM
am an entj 2 lord thatz so common
pm on January 4, 2004 09:39 AM
I'm a total textbook ENTJ. Not that I wasn't sure...LOL. Just wanted to see if this quiz was right about me! Fun...thanx
beej on January 4, 2004 02:06 PM
totally me!
zunu on January 21, 2004 12:38 AM
oh yeah. definitely me and I must apologise to all those people that I offended, intimidated and was overhearding towards (not).
JosieHenley on February 2, 2004 12:56 PM
It's me...right on!! No regrets. What you see is what you get. I'm very heartfelt, but straight forward. I speak the truth and expect the same in return. No games...they're for kids.
Kathie on February 26, 2004 09:20 AM
Total ENFJ. It's me...right on!! No regrets. What you see is what you get. I'm very heartfelt, but straight forward. I speak the truth and expect the same in return. No games...they're for kids.
Kathie on February 26, 2004 09:22 AM
It fits me almost perfectly, I could only wish that I was as organized as they seem to think I should be. BUT the question I have is this....are ENTJ's destined to have to choose between having mates who are simply ignorant, and completely intellectually unchalleging? Or remaining single for the rest of our lives. I am so tired of hearing about how intelligent, and strong, and interesting I am, and that those things are the very reason that I will never be able to find someone. You can't tell me that every guy out there is all about the beer and bullsh@t...I like to have fun like the rest of the people out there, it would just be nice to meet someone who didn't let the "fun" turn thier brains to mush......
Trish on March 2, 2004 11:06 PM
This is definately me! Now to find some new friends! ^_^
Kadiya Randall on March 14, 2004 12:12 AM
SO If I would like to become a surgical nurse. Does this mean, I am choosing the wrong career for my future.
emily ortega on March 21, 2004 02:09 PM
I love thinking people's blogs, and I do intimidate others.
Lauren on March 28, 2004 07:53 PM
I'm driven. Always seeking the next thing and taking the responsibility to get there. Goals and vision are mandatory. I will create vision if it has not been supplied. The details can be mine if needed but I'm also happy having someone else deal with the operations to make it happen. I'm always working on something. Boredom is not something I experience on a regular basis. Somehow when working in groups I end up being the person leading most of the time. I've had to learn over the years that not all people have the same drive I do and that their thing is theirs whether or not I think it is the best way. I tend to be fairly understanding of other peoples faults until it becomes obvious that things won't be fixed until I take action. Then I do.
Alan on April 17, 2004 01:11 PM
come and view my site. I don't often get any viewers. Could anybody help me with this? Add comment or anything u like. Thx a million.
Umie on April 18, 2004 03:23 AM
The other options were just not a good fit.
wesley on April 27, 2004 03:43 PM
im a mirror
Dol AMroth on April 29, 2004 05:42 PM
Amazing accuracy for just 4 questions.
Keren on May 16, 2004 11:37 PM
Very interesting blog.
Michael on May 17, 2004 03:34 PM
I've been an ENTJ all the time but I have tampered on the J side over time because people tend to become annoyed when I want to direct and lead everything. Most of the time people see me more as an ENTP because of this... but whenever work needs to be done, the J side takes over and I HAVE to take charge of EVERYTHING lol :)
Tim on June 17, 2004 04:19 AM
I know that at least I'm definitely an NTJ. I rely entirely on Intuition and Thinking, and like a Judger, I'm a control freak and love organization. But I'm usually 50/50 on Introversion and Extraversion. When I'm out and about, I have no problem speaking up and making friends like an Extravert. But a lot of times I feel more like an Introvert and just want to be alone. So, a lot of tests I take say I'm an ENTJ and a lot say I'm an INTJ too.
David on June 26, 2004 04:15 PM
I am an ENTJ but before that there was a time when I become ISTP. I heard that's what happens when ENTJ have big problems, we'll turn into ISTP.
Cecily on October 2, 2004 08:09 AM
I've already known that I'm ENTJ, so this test was not much of a surprise, but it's cool to meet other people with this personality type this way!
Claus (Adok/Hugi) on October 9, 2004 09:10 AM
Interesting. Verrry fitting. I can't even count the number of forums and blogs I am the MOD of. So next time I ban someone for being a retard I'm gonna blame it on this lol.
Buzz on November 23, 2004 05:27 PM
Anal retentive, loud-mouthed over-achiever. I've been eating a lot of avocados recently, though, which has temporarily converted me to an INTP. But they make me feel kinda stoned, so I'll be packing them in real soon now.
cynical plasticman on February 25, 2005 07:23 AM
Hey y'all! Come n' visit my site! I'll return the favor!!
April on February 28, 2005 10:07 PM
HA HAAAAAA! Second time I took this damned thing and its been a while so I guess it doesn't lie. I say all of us ENTJs get together and fight one another over whos the best cuz apparrently thats what we're destined to do. PEACE!
Big Steve Winnie on March 10, 2005 11:23 AM
I'm the quintessential entj. Always have been the leader of everthing. I have a low tolerance for incompetence, repetitive mistakes, and just plain stupid people. Yes i am very intimidating, but i see that as a plus point especially since i'm a girl. I found it fascinating that Bill Gates, and Margaret Thatcher were entj's.
Sammy on March 13, 2005 12:35 PM
I am usually waiting for others to catch up and tend to show some impatience when they haven't reached or seen the same conclusion I have hours earlier. But, because of being human and having limitations like we all do, I've been humbled by others who are more knowledgeable about a subject and get there before I do. This is humbling and has taught me to be more patient and to be more helpful in communicating key decision identifiers with those struggling with a conclusion and those I might become impatient with. This is something many of us ENTJ's could learn to improve on our styles and become better leaders and managers.
Bob on March 29, 2005 10:02 AM
I am a classic ENTJ as I am sure my site reveals. Haha.
lev six on April 3, 2005 11:35 PM
Everyone always said I was a leader, and now this test says it too. Then thinking of what I've done in my career so far, it kind of fits. I'm still stark raving mad though.
BobbaCringo on April 11, 2005 10:11 PM
Kussette on April 16, 2005 01:44 PM
ENTJ - on the nose. Didn't know it and yet, not surprised!
thisbearbites on April 30, 2005 09:00 AM
ENTJ but not I'm no ordinary ENTJ, super ENTJ, the one of a kind
salman on May 14, 2005 02:36 AM
If people are stupid or un-decided, I can't stand to be around them. I prefer people that know what they want to do, and have the courage to follow through. I'm glad to be an ENTJ, even if others say we are too intense.
Will Davis on May 23, 2005 10:30 AM
Definitely Extroverted. The fact that this was from only four questions was amazing!
Ruby on June 13, 2005 08:31 AM
Oh am I ever an ENTJ. I found it hilarious and precise. Just what I wanted.
Lidia Vila on July 6, 2005 07:23 PM
This page is crap needs redesigned and there needs to be less borderline people-- they are crap
Steve-o on July 21, 2005 06:47 AM
Yes Im an extrovert, and live by the motto "I say what I mean, and I mean what I say" I find that people tend to love or hate me, no in-betweens. Ho hummm!
deb on August 23, 2005 09:26 PM
I am a Fieldmarshall type -- After all, in high school i was a clique leader! (my rank was "Grand Hegemon" -- Eq. to Field Marshall)!
Shenshuai on September 8, 2005 07:47 AM
Go ENTJs! We rule! - Stamp it on your forehead and go out to rule the world! Hang on a sec - wasn't Jung against all this type classification stuff? I'll get me coat.
MadMondo on October 10, 2005 01:04 PM
I don't like group projects very much-but if I do have to work in them I prefer to be the leader
Elizabeth on November 10, 2005 04:44 PM
Dead on! I took a Meyers Briges several months ago and it cames back just the same. Look out world here I come!
Crystal on November 13, 2005 01:12 PM
I've been confused for a feeler because I listen well and care for people. This is more of a discipline than my nature. I think people would be shocked to know how irritated or impatient I feel. I can become very intense, as my wife often sees. I look for ways to hold back my beliefs as I'm building relationships. Once I have built trust with someone, then I feel I can become myself, more blunt and challenging to the other person. ENTJ's have a responsibility to society, to lead. We have gifts that others don't. We must also be careful not to abuse these gifts. May you reach your goals, whatever they may be!
Kerry on December 21, 2005 09:14 AM
I'm ENTJ on the real Myers-Briggs too! Fits me to a T. And I'm a dork.
StacyGrrrL on December 26, 2005 01:05 PM
with this test i found that i love men!...
brad doyle on March 20, 2006 12:01 PM
I make project plans for everything, and then feel compelled to carry out the plans. Usually, they are all micro-plans that are part of a much larger solution, but there are few who get the big picture. I therefore need to organize them into little manageable groups so that they accomplish my goals.
Lodemia on May 9, 2006 10:59 AM
I'm an ENTJ; this does not surprise me. What does, however, suprise me is the amount of spelling errors contained in the ENTJ description. Ugh! Get an editor, guys!
Lisa W on June 14, 2006 12:48 PM
Yup, I'm an ENTJ.
Rashenbo on June 20, 2006 12:41 PM
"walks around with a to-do list in hand" -- could not have a more accurate portrayal
rosemina on June 30, 2006 01:11 AM
a good match more insightful than I thought it could be, I suffer fools very badly and hate sloppy work, a tendency to be literal where others are not creates problems, thick people annoy me and they are in general of little interest to me, this may make me appear arrogant but I thrive on acquiring knowledge and applying it in the everyday world.
steve r on July 22, 2006 07:23 AM
ENTJ all the way! Sometimes I'm a little low on the J and tend towards P, but it doesn't take long for the J side to come screaming back, wanting structure and order in my world. I usually have to-do notes posted everywhere...
LeAnne on September 7, 2006 02:54 PM
hmm. i'm working on two books, starting a company, and launching new programs in my rotary club... oh and i really love my cell phone, computer, and day planner in a way that passeth understanding...
Kristi on September 16, 2006 10:52 PM
I am an INTP and I can't be around ENTJs very long. They always want to control everything and that annoys the living stink out of me.
Steve on October 10, 2006 02:56 PM
I'm a rational thinker doing critical decisions in my everyday worklife. I enjoy working in teams and with different kind of people
Tomi Juhola on October 21, 2006 11:17 PM
ENTJ wouldn't have it any other way
Bobby on September 9, 2007 04:31 AM
aa i dont know....
dan on September 27, 2007 09:02 AM
In every way...this is helpful as I'm trying to make a major career change, from working on my own to working in an organization. If anyone has an idea for a sole practitioner immigration lawyer joining forces in the business world, let me know!
alicehunter on November 14, 2007 07:38 AM
learning in critical thinking on life is opening a new level for me and my son.
suz on December 3, 2007 08:05 AM
You know, I've scanned the web for summarizations of the ENTJ personality and none of them say anything reallly *good*. What I get from all ENTJ descriptions is that we're bossy, insensitive assholes with a natural drive to direct people. Anything else??? For example, we make good lovers, great parents, etc.. ? All the other descriptions (to me) have great themes and I'm jealous. ENTJ's suck.
Craig on July 2, 2008 11:41 AM
I hate having this ENJT type of personality. My own 9 yr old daughter won't even let me help her with her homework because she says I "take over". What's with that? I am just trying to help!
Linda on October 20, 2008 08:36 AM
Leader / Perfectionist --- and absolutely NO patience. lol (unfortunately)
corina on January 2, 2009 10:09 PM
a real entj loves themselves just the way they are, to hell with anyone else. nuff said.
ens on January 18, 2009 12:33 PM
every test I have ever taken says I am an extroverted, intuitive, thinker and yes I judge people because its a skill.
susan on January 31, 2009 07:48 PM
My ENTJ type serves me well as an LTC Army reserve officer and University Professor. To achieve harmony with the less understanding types, I have had to learn to "act" compassionate and feel their pain.
John on May 22, 2009 07:59 AM
I suppose I like working with systems but I've only been a leader figure a few times in my life. Honestly, for an extrovert I'm pretty reclusive. What's more, N is my only strong swing. The rest registered as one-percent preferences.
Evan Balster on June 10, 2009 05:27 PM
ENTJ here...I think we get a bad I'm looking to go back to school to finish my degree (my intuition tells me I will be laid off soon) Mby I'll look for a nice man while I'm free from work...a nice intp or something just no fj's I always hurt their feelings like a bull in a china shop...ha!
Sarah on August 26, 2009 06:01 PM
i want you all to be my friends right now xD
cschive on March 21, 2010 10:42 PM

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