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What's your personality?

How much do you know about yourself? Because many webloggers enjoy personality tests, this is a portal for your bloginality!

Are people with a certain personality type more apt to take personality test?
More importantly, are they more likely to have a weblog?

You will find quite a bit of reference material here about personality tests, as well as a place for you to find other people who are the same personality as you!

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lots!: May 15, 2003 10:14 PM
We have had over a thousand people who have left comments on their personalities! And several search engines have found the site and indexed us very high for each personality type. Its great to know this has turned out to be such a great resource :)
dmoz: October 8, 2002 08:44 AM
Bloginality has been linked from Dmoz's Weblog Directory category - Open Directory - Computers: Internet: On the Web: Weblogs: Directories
daypop: June 6, 2002 04:23 AM
We are on Daypop's Top 40 Links this morning.
blogdex: June 5, 2002 07:34 AM
We are #35 on blogdex this morning!
open: June 4, 2002 07:35 AM
Welcome to Bloginality - we are OPEN for analysis!
As of 09.22.16, there are 4249 visitors who know their bloginality!

09.26.11: Coretta Bolinger is a estj
there are now 63 ESTJs!
07.17.11: hmwith is a enfp
there are now 379 ENFPs!
06.30.11: carmelo is a intj
there are now 530 INTJs!
06.19.11: Prienrynown is a isfp
there are now 269 ISFPs!
04.24.11: Raydorsey is a intp
there are now 497 INTPs!
01.15.11: Ashlie is a entp
there are now 332 ENTPs!
01.05.11: blogging is a istj
there are now 216 ISTJs!
12.30.10: Jazz Lassie is a infp
there are now 822 INFPs!
12.09.10: Niki_Ashley is a esfp
there are now 108 ESFPs!
11.08.10: Adelissa is a esfj
there are now 68 ESFJs!
10.31.10: corie is a estp
there are now 61 ESTPs!
05.16.10: RM is a istp
there are now 204 ISTPs!
03.21.10: cschive is a entj
there are now 108 ENTJs!
03.05.10: Emily Jane is a isfj
there are now 166 ISFJs!
02.22.10: Dtanyon is a enfj
there are now 100 ENFJs!
09.09.08: Bethany is a infj
there are now 326 INFJs!

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